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Repurposing Furniture + Creating Art

I create repurposed pieces. I don’t want to mangle great antiques into something goofy. But I’ve always been a repurposer so I’m happy to make a wall hanging out of discarded fence panels or a bathroom vanity out of an ugly dresser.

I’m working on larger pieces and will show them to you here and offer them for sale. And I will offer my services to convert your special piece into something you’ll love. Let me know if you’d like to do this at my contact page.

Anyway, keep coming back on a regular basis and we’ll see what we have to share with you. You can also follow up on Facebook.

Colorado License Plates

I can create a wall hanging with the distinctive look of a Colorado license plate. Customize the size and the wording on the wall hanging, like your family or business name. 

Wall Hangings

I can create a custom or semi-custom piece for you. You decide the image, materials, size, and finish. You’ll end up with a cool looking wall hanging you’ll be proud to show off.

Repurposed Furniture

We have been repurposing furniture for years. We do our own projects but also take on ones for others. Have a piece of furniture you’d like to repurpose? Let us know.