Custom Furniture + Wall Art

I do two things at Green Chair. One, I build custom furniture. Two, I create unique wall hangings. 

Over the last six months, I’ve built six barn doors, a wooden accent wall, cocktail tables, a built-in bathroom vanity, and built-in shelves. At the same time I’ve also repurposed a dresser into a bench and created lazy susans from whiskey barrel tops. 

With the wall hangings, I’ve designed, built, and painted several large wall hangings usng fence slats and graphics of iconic restaurants and hotels in the Denver area. 

I’m always up for trying new things. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, give me a call or text at 720-427-5660.

Custom Furniture

We build custom furniture, including barn doors, dining tables, and vanities. We specialize in rustic furniture that highlights the character for its wood. 

Upcycled Furniture

We even give old furniture new life by repurposing it to a new function. We have upcycled old pianos into bars and old desks into end tables. 

Wall Art

I can create a custom or semi-custom piece for you. You decide the image, materials, size, and finish. You’ll end up with a cool looking wall hanging you’ll be proud to show off.

Call us at 720-427-5660 to discuss your project

Colfax Avenue Signs

We have been collecting images and creating wall art from Colfax Ave. Take a look at the wall art we’ve already created and what we can create. 

Colorado License Plates

I can create a wall hanging with the distinctive look of a Colorado license plate. Customize the size and the wording on the wall hanging, like your family or business name.

Combining Internet Marketing and Furniture Making

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a side hustle of refinishing furniture and making large signs out of old fence slats. I’ve even converted an old piano into a wine bar. Things got more serious about a year and a half ago when I started working part-time for 4...

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A Mammoth Wood Project from Start to Finish

My day felt like a bust. Plenty of people came by my wood crafting booth at a local craftsman marketplace, but I didn’t sell a thing. Then in the middle of the afternoon, a guy stopped by to talk about a project he had in mind. As we stood in the shade of my tent, he...

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Things I Learned and Relearned from My First Big Project

With my first big project completed a few weeks ago, I took some time to reflect on what I learned along the way. I thought you might be interested to hear some of the things that might help you with projects you’re working on. This particular project started with six...

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Fixing the Indian Hills Community Center Sign

I noticed that the Indian Hills Community sign was broken. If you're unfamiliar with the sign, they have clever sayings that go viral every time a new sign is posted. There is a new one a couple times a week. It's very popular on Facebook and Instagram.The...

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Creating One-of-a-Kind Furniture for Your Home

What do you do with an old dresser with sentimental value, but all the drawers were destroyed? Well, you make it into a bench. A woman called a few months ago who had a dresser she loved, and the drawers were ruined when left in the car on a hot Colorado day.

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Things to Consider When Repurposing

You have an interest in repurposing furniture. Maybe you already have an idea or you’re just exploring. I’d love to help you along the way. I’ve had a blast with the things I’ve created. I’m going to share some things I’ve learned so you can avoid my mistakes. And you...

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Get in Touch!

Are you interesting in having something built? Great. I'd love to help. Give me a call or text at 720-427-5660 or fill out the form to the right and we can set up a time to talk. No pressure. I'm just interested to hear what you're thinking. 

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